Lockformer Vulcan 1000-B for sale

Believe it was purchased in 2006 time frame. Has 20′ table for side load.

Currently operational and can be seen operating in the videos. Machine came with VulcanXP software. The old server/office computer is sitting in storage with the Lockformer license key. Has had the touch screen controller replaced with a standard PC running Windows 7. Machine has not been used much in the past 7 years and has been kept as a backup in case of primary table failure. Need some more room in the shop for new machinery.

Buyer will not get controller PC. Buyer will have to get PC and software to run the table. VulcanXP software with original computer will go with the computer along with the license key. Not sure if it will be usable or not to operate the table. Office computer was operational when last used.

Table homing and jogging.
Table cutting galvanized metal.