Plan Estimation

AutoBid SheetMetal by Quickpen International enables us to take off commercial plans quickly and accurately. This allows our response time to be one of the best in the industry.

Please email all plans to us in PDF format to ensure the best response time and the most accurate bid possible.


DuctDesigner 3D is a 3D AutoCad based design software that enables us to create 3D designs and shop drawings for our customers. No more wondering if your systems will fit into a tight area. 3D will allow you to design everything from the drain pan to the lay-in register, and ensure there are no collisions or problems. Our extensive HVAC field experience allows us to assist in the design and implementation of high quality jobs for you and your customer.

3D and 2D digital copies are e-mailed to all concerned parties after the design has been completed. Color plans (available upon request) allow you to differentiate the ductwork from the walls, lay-ins and other non-HVAC items included in the mechanical drawings.